1MORE ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (2022)

  • SPEC

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$ 99.99

Buy Now

$ 99.99

  • Compact Design
  • Multiple Noise Cancellation Modes
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • 3.7g Ultra-Light Weight
  • SoundID Technology
  • 10mins Fast Charge = 1.5h Playback
  • Up to 40dB ANC
  • Four Mics with DNN
  • 30 Soothing Sounds

Multiple Noise Cancelling Modes
for Different Scenarios

ANC Strong (Up to 40 dB)

Quickly escape into tranquility even in noisy airports, metro etc.

ANC Mild

Effectively cancel surrounding noise and allow you to enjoy some quiet time while relaxing in a coffee shop or brainstorming in the office.

WNR (Wind Noise Resistant)

Automatically suppress low-frequency rumbling experienced at high speeds or by the wind. You'll still enjoy pure sound when on the beach or on windy days.

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Obsidian Black

  • Obsidian Black

  • Cinnabar Red

  • Mica White

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (13)

What’s in the box



Earbud weight (Single):

3.7 g

(Video) 1MORE Comfobuds Mini TWS Earbuds! The Smallest ANC Earbuds EVER!

Case Weight:

34.9 g

Gross Weight:

42.3 g

Earbud Dimension:

17 × 15 × 13 mm

Case Dimensions

56.5 × 50 × 24.5 mm

Earbud Battery Capacity (Single):

34 mAh

Case Battery Capacity:

440 mAh

Earbuds Charging Time:

70 min

Case Charging Time (Wired):

90 min

Speaker Impedance:

32 Ω

Bluetooth Range:

10m (Open space)

Bluetooth Version:

Bluetooth® 5.2

Bluetooth Protocols:


Playtime* (ANC Off):

Earbuds Fully Charged Music Playback:

6 hours

Case and Earbuds Fully Charged Music playback:

24 hours

Playtime* (ANC On):

Earbuds Fully Charged Music Playback:

5 hours

(Video) 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Case and Earbuds Fully Charged Music playback:

20 hours

Audio Codec:



5V 0.7A

Working Temperature:

0℃ ~ 45℃

Frequency Range:

2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

* Above data is from 1MORE lab.
* Playtime is tested in the laboratory under AAC format at 50% volume, which may vary according to device settings, use habits and other factors.

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I use these to sleep. I give them 5 stars as sleep buds. There are plenty of reviews so I am just going to focus on my use case - bedtime. Backstory... I had the 1MORE ComfoBuds Z but they had connectivity issues between the buds. I loved the size but I ended up returning them. I own another pair of 1MORE buds that I love so I decided to give them another chance. I bought these 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Hybrid. I wanted to wait about two weeks before I reviewed them to be sure the same connectivity issues didn't show up. They did not. These Minis have worked properly the whole time. Ok... sleep buds... In terms of fit, using my ears, the buds fit flush enough with my head that I can lay with one ear and bud against a pillow and barely feel it, if at all. Everyone's ears are different though. Do they fall out overnight? Sometimes. The bright red color choice I made makes finding them in your sheets so much easier. (tip: get red if you are using these to sleep) I tend to listen to podcasts to go to sleep (talking) but I have used music too. The sound quality is definitely good enough to fall asleep with. In terms of the soothing sounds, I found a few that I would consider sounds you can fall asleep to. I think there are a few in the library that can't possibly be soothing but this is a very subjective area. You will likely find a few you like. Battery life... for my use, I only need about 30 minutes tops, then I fall asleep. I don't wake up in the middle of the night and need them again (I read someone complain about that, fair enough). But, with 5-6 hours (no ANC) run time, they would be there for you if you woke up in the first half of the night. Charging is no problem. I use the case for a couple of days then charge the case. They could probably go longer than two days but I don't like to live on the edge. Don't forget (like I did)… you can wirelessly charge them! USB-C is great but wireless charging too, c'mon! Nice bonus feature. I can really only speak to sleeping with them and for that, I give them 5 stars.

Love the hear buds fit my ears great no fall out sound is really good an will only one thing I can say is the connection with my phone sometimes take longer to connect but may need a update that can fix that

After my Bose Soundsports Battery was dead, I decided it was time for new True Wireless Earbuds. Unfortunately I didn't find any to my liking, some had just bad sound and others were just to heavy/bulky and uncomfortable for my ears or the tech was too outdated. Two months into my search for new earbuds and the Comfobuds Mini were released. To be honest, I didn't know the brand at the time and it was a coincident that I've discovered 1More, but i couldn't be happier. The Comfobuds Mini are truly the lightest earbuds I've had so far, even lighter than wired ones. This and the small form factor make them super comfortable. As for the technical specs such as bluetooth 5.2, ANC, Wireless Charging etc. .. I didn't find similar specs for any earbuds and company at this price point. Lets come to Sound and ANC. Sound out of the box wasn't to my liking but with the custimization (Sound ID) it was just like my Bose which i used for the last 3-4 years. I'm impressed. That also shows that this earbuds can fit many likings. The ANC is great, however, after one month the ANC on the left earbud didn't work anymore, which is why I contacted the support and they responded immediately and offered to replace it, which is very refreshing considering what you have to go through at other companies. Which brings me to my conclusion. 1More has with the Comfobuds Mini in my opinion the best price-performance headphones on the market and offer an excellent support. If I need earbuds in the future, I will definitely look into 1More products.

I like them

Not completely noise cancelling, it might be that I just need another size of the rubber tips, but i prioritised small size over complete ANC. There is enough noise cancellation when listening in subway/metro/train even though some outside noise bleeds through. But that as mentioned might be of wrong size for the tips.

(Video) 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

Super Kopfhörer! Der Sound kann dank Sound ID genau so eingerichtet werden wie man es möchte. Der Bass ist extrem gut für die Art Kopfhörer. Zusätzlich Ordentliches NC mit Einstellungen die etwa die Windgeräusche annähernd komplett ausblenden. Dank IPX5 kann man auch Joggen gehen oder im leichten Regen gehen ohne Angst zu bekommen das die Kopfhörer Schaden nehmen. Die Steuerung ist ausreichend und die Kopfhörereigenen Systemsounds sind sehr angenehm. Fazit: Für mich sind dies zu 100% die Kopfhörer die ich gesucht habe. Empfehlung!

These are pretty good but their some things I don't like the noise canceling isn't bad but it's not sony level. My biggest con with these are u can't use noise canceling or ambient sound unless both buds are in your ear how ever u can use either earbud independently to listen to music or take calls. The pros are these sound great for the size & super comfortable. I don't sleep in earbuds but if I did these would be perfectly fine & great battery life for such a small earbud

Audio Listening

I was able to snag these on sale for $85. They are definitely the most comfortable and so far THE ONLY pair of earbuds I've forgotten they were in my ear. They don't wiggle loose which is fantastic. I tried to originally put Spin fit tips on these, but they would not fit in the case. The case is very shallow for the eartips, so you have to use what comes in the box. There is 4 sizes, so you should be to find a good fit. No sound quality is not fantastic, but I'm also not paying $300 for audiophile earbuds. The case has a great feel in the hand. It has a sturdy fell to it and the case lid is held by a magnet. I dropped them before I even put them on and the buds didn't go flying. It's how I lost the last 2 pairs of galaxy buds2. Ignore the first video review and get you a pair! Only complaint is no equalizer. There's a cool AI equalizer, but I wish I could refine it further. Only other complain is that the Large eartip ripped trying to put it on the earbud. I struggled putting them on, but Amazon support got my problem solved. Great buy!

Definitely a keeper and surprising sound for such small buds. ANC and transparency mode fairly good, but no comparison to my Sony FH 1000 XM4's (thank goodness ). Pairing fast, but cumbersome to switch devices (it will pair with the last device it was connected to. No possibility to take over the connection while a connection is already active. Bluetooth on the first device needs to be disabled before connecting with another device) Controls are limited. If you're fine to only have track skipping, pause/play and ANC switching controls on your buds then it's ok. Controls on the buds can switch between ANC on, Transparency mode, ANC off. Possibility to set 3 types of ANC (strong, mild, wind reduction). The standard ANC mode can only be changed in the app. Assistant on the buds is possible, but you'll need to sacrifice one of the other controls. Hopefully, 1more will fix with a software update. Buds are comfortable. I kept the medium tips even though I have small ear canals. Buds are comfortable, they stay in and even after some time they don't slip out of your ears. With current Eur 15 discount, they offer great value at Eur 85. Oh... And although sleeping with sealed ear canals is not advisable, you can sleep with them in.

Earbuds arrived two days early. Package was undamaged. Came fully charged. Paired easily with my phone. Sound great. Better lows than I expected, crisp highs and broad mid-range. Haven't used the earbuds for phone calls, yet, so I can't comment on that, but I anticipate no problems.

Using the headphones before bed time, can easily sleep on the side. Sound great only when ANC is on.

These are tiny, but have a lot of power, noise cancelling is so so but feel a lot less 'intense' in the ears than the pricey Sony's. Also, THE BEST buds for walking, the wind cancellation option is brilliant, and no 'thud thud' while you walk, really outstanding

As I'm sitting and listening to Pink Floyd's time and enjoying myself on these new earbuds I'd say...Great quality for 100 dollaronis, switched from soundcore liberty 3 pros and couldn't be happier. Not must of a real change other than the obvious smaller size and overall comfort. Wish the eartips we're a little better though. if you're worried about the lack of value you won't be upset. Having the sound ID as the only EQ is a bummer but it does a good enough job and simplifies the experience. The ANC is good and I'd say you're not going to be unhappy with them. Getting use to the small nature of them is easy and they always feel secure. Hope they make a new iteration.

I have to mention the build quality first as these are made to feel like premium buds that cost a few hundred pounds. The way the lip magnetically snaps closed and the connection fluidity. The buds are very small and can easily be dropped if you aren't careful. They will fit snuggly into your ears and almost can't be seen. The passive noise canceling is medium if you try out the different silicon tips provided to find the right match. There can still be a lot of noise leaking through and the ANC does an okay job at removing the constant background ones. Wind becomes an issue but there is wind reduction which works very well. I have noticed that the different ANC options change the bass intensity of the music and for a deeper bass wind reduction must be on. I have tried the sound eq personalization which is basically a series of sound tests that figures out your desired eq profile. This is difficult to do and it gets mixed results but is a great way to get some personalization for users that cant navigate eq settings. There are soothing sounds integrated into the app and can help you get to sleep if you are comfortable wearing buds at night. These are very small and probably the most suitable.



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