40 Best Family Party Games - Fun Party Pop (2023)

Inside: Plan an Unforgettable Game Night with these 40 Best Family Party Games.

Who doesn’t love family game night? It’s a fun way to get together with your loved ones, play some hilarious or challenging activities, and make great memories. But are the same old games getting stale? Luckily for you, we have a whole list of them right here to choose from!

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We have family party games for everyone! Whether you’re playing with just a few or with a whole crew, you’ll definitely find something new and refreshing to try out on your next family game night.

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Some of the Best Games for Game Night

  1. Charades: A simple crowd pleaser, you can pre-select words to be acted out, or let people think of their own on the fly.
  2. It’s in The Bag!: This new family party game is similar to charades, except there are multiple rounds with different rules. Check it out!
  3. Giant Jenga: It’s Jenga… but giant!
  4. Pictionary: Another classic that can’t be beat! Grab a chalkboard, whiteboard, or large pieces of paper and get guessing.
  5. Do You Really Know Your Family?: This family party game has different conversation starters and challenges that’ll bring your crew closer together than ever before.
  6. Phase 10: Phase 10 is fun, competitive, and always leaves room for a comeback! You can purchase the card set on Amazon.
  7. Rummy: Rummy is a staple at all of my gatherings! Learn how to play with this online guide.
  8. The Game of Things: In this hilarious family party game, everyone writes their answer to a prompt, and then tries to guess who wrote what!

Funniest Family Games

  1. Cheat: Cheat is a fun card game that’ll get a ton of laughs from the whole group. Here is an online guide on how to play Cheat.
  2. Jackbox: You’ll need a computer and your smartphone to play one of the hilarious Jackbox Party Packs, but there’s no end to the fun to be had!
  3. Musical Chairs: Grab some friends, grab some chairs, and let the hilarity ensue with a round of musical chairs.
  4. Get A Hint: This family party game is similar to charades, except you either draw, hum, explain, or mime the word.
  5. Herd Mentality: Try to come up with the popular answer to prompts in this “udderly hilarious” family party game.
  6. Air Pictionary: Play Pictionary… in the air! For double the laughs, download the app to see your drawing up on the screen.

Big Family Games for a Crowd

Check out some of our favorite family party games for big families!

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  1. Heads Up: Download the app, buy the card pack, or write up your own cards at home to play this popular guessing game.
  2. Family Feud Board Game: With plenty of question cards, you can easily play with a huge group of people!
  3. Post-It Note: Put popular celebrities or characters on a post-it, pick one without looking, and go around and have conversations to try and guess who you are!
  4. Speed Charades: Quick! Race to see which team can guess 4 of the 5 words first.
  5. Never Have I Ever: Sit in a circle and put up 5 fingers. When someone says “Never Have I Ever…” and lists something you’ve done, you put a finger down. Last one with fingers up wins!
  6. Fish Bowl: A fun activity for all ages, Fish Bowl is a mix of everything you love in a family party game.
  7. The Bowl Game: Everyone writes two true and one false fact about themselves on slips of paper and places them in the bowl. Guess which fact belongs to who!
  8. Scattergories: Great for both small and large groups, you can’t go wrong with Scattergories.

More Great Family Party Game Ideas

  1. Name 5: This family party game can be printed, or you can map out your own! Roll the dice and land on a category to name 5 items from.
  2. Family Bingo: These Bingo cards are available on Etsy, and a whole lot of fun! Learn more about your squad with this printable family party game.
  3. Skunk: You can play this game in two ways: with special Skunk dice, or with regular dice and try to reach 100 first!
  4. Family Trivia: Make your own family trivia game for fun and laughs! To get you started on your questions, check out this guide on how to make your own trivia.
  5. Pass It On: Telephone, but with drawing!
  6. Candy Dice: Candy Dice is a great family party game if you have a sweet tooth!
  7. Left Center Right: You’ll need poker chips, or some other set of tokens, and three dice. Last one with chips wins!
  8. Flip Cup: This is most popularly played as a drinking game, but you don’t need to play it that way at all! This is a fast-paced, challenging activity that you can play with regular plastic cups.

Kid Friendly Games for Game Night

  1. I Spy: Easy peasy, just look around the room and say “I spy with my little eye, something…” to describe the object.
  2. Telephone: Sit in a line, come up with a phrase, whisper the phrase to each other, and see if it makes it to the end!
  3. Egg and Spoon: Try out this fun family party game if you’re not afraid of breaking a few eggs and making a mess in exchange for a whole lot of laughs!
  4. 20 Questions: It’ll be hilarious to see what your kids come up with! If you’ve never played before, check out how to play 20 Questions.
  5. Bingo: Bingo is fun, child friendly, and totally based on luck. Perfect for all ages!
  6. Simon Says: This awesome resource gives you a ton of fun and silly ideas for your family night Simon Says activity!
  7. Musical Statues: Play some music and dance! Pause the music and freeze: anyone caught moving after the music stops is out.
  8. Flour Balloon Bomb: Messy and so much fun! Fill up balloons with flour. Everyone starts blowing up their balloons, and tries to get them to pop. The first to pop- wins!
  9. Old Maid: This classic game isn’t as widely known as it used to be, so it’ll be fun to teach them to play Old Maid!
  10. Scavenger Hunt: Put together an at-home scavenger hunt if you have a group of little ones for game night. Make your list and send them searching!

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • 1st Birthday Party Games for Everyone to Enjoy – You’re ready to throw your bundle of joy’s very first birthday party, and you want it to be a hit! Odds are that the adults are going to need more entertainment than the babies, so be sure to have plenty of activities lined up and ready to go. Check out our list of party games for your little one’s first birthday bash!
  • 43 Minute to Win It Games With Instructions – Is anything more fun than a Minute to Win It game? We don’t think so! Short parties, long gatherings, reunions… these hilarious games are sure to be a hit no matter the occasion. Take a look at our list of our favorite 43 Minute to Win It games of the year!
  • Games to Play at a Wedding Party – When things start to die down at your wedding rehearsal or party, liven things back up with some of our favorite games to play at a wedding celebration! Keep the fun going all day and all night with fond memories, competitive activities, and more!
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Which game should be played in a family gathering? ›

10 Fun Family Reunion Games
  • Make a Family Album. Set up an area where people can gather between activities and meals to do crafts. ...
  • The Banana game. Ask all willing family members to line up. ...
  • Play Ball. ...
  • Water Balloon Toss. ...
  • Egg Race. ...
  • Family Talent Show. ...
  • Story Time. ...
  • Scavenger Hunt.

What games can you play with 20 people? ›

Large Group Games (20 + people)
  • Everybody's It.
  • King Pin.
  • The Best Game.
  • The Number Game.
  • Marshmallow Toss Game.
  • Purses, Pockets and Wallets.
  • Where the Wind Blows.

What is a fun game to play with family? ›

Charades. This classic and prop-free game is a perfect way to pass the time when everyone's bored and cranky. All you need to play are your imaginations. Take turns coming up with topics and acting them out.

How do you make a family gathering fun? ›

These are some of our most-loved family reunion ideas — from movie nights and talent shows to delicious potlucks and fun photoshoots.
  1. Trivia Night. ...
  2. Gaming Night. ...
  3. Talent Show. ...
  4. Family Potluck. ...
  5. Baby Photo Guessing Game. ...
  6. Family Photo Shoot. ...
  7. Outdoor Movie Night. ...
  8. Summer BBQ.
11 Jan 2021

What makes a good party game? ›

Simple game mechanics, like drawing, acting, guessing, betting, and judging often work well in a fun party game. You want to set up scenarios that create a lot of fun and some contagious laughter. The game should be short, memorable, and enticing for players to want to come back for more.

What games can you play with a large group? ›

Amazingly Fun Games For Large Groups
  • Tug Of War. Hey. ...
  • Capture The Flag. I don't know about you, but all my favorite P.E. memories involve playing capture the flag. ...
  • Blind Man's Bluff. This is a fun variation of tag where “it” wears a blindfold. ...
  • Sharks and Minnows. ...
  • Tag. ...
  • Freeze Tag. ...
  • Red Rover. ...
  • Red Light, Green Light.
22 Jun 2020

What are some game ideas? ›

15 Fun Family Game Night Ideas
  • Paper telephone. In this paper-and-pencil version of the telephone game, everyone sits in a circle and writes down a straightforward phrase (something like “My dog is chewing a bone”)[1]. ...
  • Balloon tennis. ...
  • Indoor hopscotch. ...
  • Indoor bowling. ...
  • Movie-themed forts. ...
  • Paper plane contest. ...
  • Charades. ...
  • Taboo.
25 Jun 2020

How do you entertain a big crowd? ›

With this in mind, we have selected some fantastic ways to have fun with your audience as well as get them involved!
  1. Ice Rinks. ...
  2. Quizzes. ...
  3. Crowd Activated Interactive Games. ...
  4. Fitness Workshops. ...
  5. Interactive Wait Staff. ...
  6. Digital Graffiti Wall. ...
  7. Candy Matchmakers. ...
  8. Throwable Mics.
9 Dec 2017

How do you entertain a group of people? ›

5 Creative Ways to Entertain a Serious Audience
  1. Bring in a Hook. You can loose an audience in a matter of seconds, especially if you're going down a rabbit hole of old, useless tactics everyone has heard before. ...
  2. Add in Some Funk. ...
  3. Make Them Curious. ...
  4. Be a Revolutionary. ...
  5. Make Them Dance. ...
  6. In Conclusion.
5 Aug 2015

How do you play the banana game? ›

How to play Bananagrams - YouTube

What are some fun family challenges? ›

Fun Challenges we have tried with our Family
  • Straight Arm Water Bottle Challenge.
  • Whisper Challenge.
  • Ultimate 3 Legged Race.
  • Egg Wars.
  • Donut Roulette.
  • Not My Hands Ice Cream Challenge.
  • Indoor Bowling.
6 Nov 2017

What is a fun game? ›

A fun game is one which provides amusement to those playing the game by creating a balance between the different players. Knowing who the players are will often decide the best game.

What are good family dares ideas? ›

25 Dare Ideas For Families
  • Exchange clothes with the person sitting on your left.
  • Wear your swimming suit and pretend you are swimming.
  • Lick your elbow while singing an alphabet.
  • Let others do your hair.
  • Go outside on the street and hold the sign "Honk if I'm cute".
  • Eat 1 teaspoon of mustard.
20 Jul 2022

What is a fun game to play with your friends? ›

#1 – Charades

Charades remain one of the best games to play with friends because it is challenging, fun and guaranteed to generate some laughs. To play charades, split the group into several teams of between 2 to 4 players per team. One player from one of the teams is chosen to start.


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