Caballito: 5 must-see restaurants, bars and cafes in an increasingly gourmet neighbourhood (2023)

Highlights: From high-end seasonal cuisine to roast burgers: where to eat the richest dishes and at what price. Caballito is big and trots hard to the rhythm of new trends: a populous neighborhood, always growing and with high demand for diverse gastronomy. More than a decade ago, numerous chains of breweries, hamburgers, pastry shops and sushi restaurants began to land in the neighborhood. More recent are the openings of small and medium-sized restaurants, bars and cafes with their own concept designed especially for these coordinates.

From high-end seasonal cuisine to roast burgers: where to eat the richest dishes and at what price.

His name in diminutive has little to do with his reality. Caballito is big and trots hard to the rhythm of new trends: a populous neighborhood, always growing and with high demand for diverse gastronomy.

Heterogeneous and suitable for all audiences, in its map there are from emblems of Buenos Aires pizza such as the traditional San Carlos, with more than half a century of history, to reputed new exponents of this dish such as the Napul'è Napul'è pizzeria. Also infallible still lifes such as the small and always populous Pucará (Senillosa 493), specialized in Galician cuisine.

More than a decade ago, numerous chains of breweries, hamburgers, pastry shops and sushi restaurants began to land in the neighborhood. More recent are the openings of small and medium-sized restaurants, bars and cafes with their own concept designed especially for these coordinates. In this note 5 places to discover and enjoy.

5 must-see restaurants and cafes in the Caballito neighborhood

1-Restaurant center: the most resonant novelty

The retro façade of Centro restaurant.

If the filmmaker Wes Anderson decided to film in Buenos Aires he would surely find a perfect scenery in this restaurant. The most talked about of the latest openings in Caballito works in a corner, on the remodeled ground floor of a building from the 40s. Thefaçade and the white interior with green details give it a unique retro elegance.

Centro -whose name refers to the coordinates of the place that despite its neighborhood environment is located in the geographical heart of the City- has plenty of style without having to resort to any stridency. That imprint is also seen in the kitchen by the experienced Fernando Golabek (with an international career in Michelin-starred restaurants and local popes such as Narda Lepes).

The owners, neighbors of the neighborhood who had the intuition that in this area of the City there was a lack of a restaurant of these characteristics, put in their hands the culinary concept that is summarized in creative and cosmopolitan station cuisine but without overacted pretensions.

The Stracciatella of Centro Restaurant.

At dinner time they recommend sharing two dishes and a plate. Among the first: Roasted mushrooms with almond ricotta, fresh mushrooms and nori seaweed ($3,900) and beef tartare with egg yolk emulsion, capers, potato crispy and pico de gallo ($3,500).

Among the latter are two favorites: Socarrat rice – with a crunchy layer – with blood sausage, seasonal vegetables and citrus ali oli ($3,500) and the Agnolotti of roasted carrot in hazelnut butter, blue cheese, sage air, toasted hazelnuts and fresh lemon zest ($5,000).

Important fact: they have many options for those who do not eat meat. And a tip: here chocolate fans never skip dessert. The Creamy Chocolate 87%, Miso Toffee and Worcestershire Sauce ($2,600) is a hit. There is also a cheese and sweet with contrast of extreme flavors, special for the most daring palates.

The dishes of Centro restaurant in Caballito.

On weekdays at noon they offer a menu consisting of a dish and a non-alcoholic drink for $3,000. During the day there are sandwiches from $ 1,500. Also pastry, breakfasts and snacks and on weekends and holidays, brunch for $ 9,500 for two people. Multiple opportunities to discover what's new in the neighborhood.

Restaurant center. Aranguren 928. Open Wednesday to Monday from 8.30 a.m. to 23.30 p.m. IG: @centro_restaurante.

2- Ronconcon: a festival of taste and color

The local Ronconcon.

Joy, charisma and Latin blood are combined in this restaurant that already has four years of experience in the neighborhood (it was one of the first to bet on the area with a disruptive proposal with the standards of the neighborhood).

And it did so with such strength and identity that it not only established itself as a favorite of Caballito but recently also expanded to the great gastronomic pole of Buenos Aires, Palermo, with a place within the Soho Market.

Ronconcon is a culinary creature devised by two Venezuelans and an Argentine bartender. The musicality and Latin spirit vibrates from the name -which refers to a song by Puerto Rican Tito Puente- to the atmosphere of the place.

The arepa of Ronconcon.

The dishes are a party: full of the color, textures and freshness of the raw materials of this cuisine. Some of them so tasty – such as the superb ceviche of sole, yellow pepper, corn, mango and chips ($ 3,490) or the patacones of shredded meat with beans, llanero cheese and pico de gallo ($ 2,850) – that the habitués do not allow them to be taken off the menu.

Must-sees also to the Yucatans: Rosti of cassava, prawns, avocado, sofrito de morrón, aromatic herbs and pickles ($ 3,490). A hearty delicacy. In general they recommend two dishes per person but they are such forceful portions and rich in contrasts and flavors that you can also share three between two.

Ronconcon is ideal for sharing several dishes.

From the bar come inspired signature drinks such as Oaxaca Negroni ($ 2,390) with Mezcal Ojo de Tigre Joven, Campari, vermouth rosso, coffee bitter and orange peel. The curious fact is that a process of filtering beeswax is done to soften its intensity.

Ronconcon. Beauchef 527. Open Monday to Friday from 19 to 24. Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 17 and from 19 to 24. Instagram:

3-Barragán lunch and coffee: a mix with its own personality

Barragán's lounge lunch and coffee.

Another success story that transcended the borders of Caballito and very recently landed with its first branch in Palermo. The success of this small place in a neighborhood where specialty cafeterias proliferate is, in large part, its added value: the lonchería, as it is called in Mexico to the restaurants or cafeterias that serve simple and very tasty dishes to eat on the go.

The reference to the gastronomy of that Latin American country is not whimsical but is present throughout the concept of this proposal. Its name refers to the prestigious Mexican architect Luis Barragán whose work is honored in the color palette and materials used in the setting of this bright corner place.

When it opened, almost two years ago, a proposal of these characteristics was unthinkable in this residential, calm and wooded area of Caballito. Soon the neighbors succumbed to the Mexican flavors of Barragán that have a friendly twist with the local palate.

The tasty dishes of Barragán lunch and coffee.

Their brunch menu is available all day. Some hits: huevos rancheros (2 organic eggs with ranchera sauce, queso fresco, herbs, with two tostones of purple corn and walnut for $ 1,650) and the colorful quesadillas "divorced" (two quesadillas of red and green Toluqueño chorizo, cream of corn with egg and mix of cheeses accompanied with fresh salad for $ 2,300).

In the pastry section there is from croissant to an irresistible Pastel tres leches with toasted coconut and meringue ($ 950 a portion). Attention to the version of theAffogatothat here transmuted into Avogatto (avocado ice cream, cocoa granola, a shot of Espresso, honey and flowers for $ 1,350).

Barragán's pastry shop lunch and coffee.

They also have a market where you can buy from sourdough bread to corn tortillas and specialty coffee beans or ground by quarters. There are six varieties from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia starting at $4,000.

Barragán Canvas and Coffee. Nicasio Oroño 1195. Open Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 20 and Sunday from 9.30 to 19.30. Instagram:

4- Menenga: irreverent cuisine with Asian wink

Menenga, a proposal with young energy in Caballito.

Here is another proposal that, like many of the most outstanding in the neighborhood, are driven by young gastronomists who do not hesitate to plant new flags. Five years ago when Menenga opened its doors in Caballito Norte there were almost no restaurants open at night. And much less with a contemporary culinary bet.

In this small place -it has capacity for only 15 covered inside and another 25 between deck and sidewalk- of informal and relaxed spirit the imperative is not to follow the rules: "fun cuisine with an Asian touch", summarize the creators of Menenga.

Menenga's steak eye top fried empanada.

This is materialized in amenu divided into small plates, large plates and hamburgers. In the first section there are several hits. It's well worth giving Korean-style spicy fried chicken ($2,800),fried steak eye top patty ($440), fainá with burrata and Asian pear chutney ($2,300) and heart sweetbreads with miso (soy paste), togarashi (Japanese spice blend) and cream of corn ($3,500).

The more conventional ones can go for one of the large dishes: there are from chorizo steak with mashed potatoes ($ 3,500) to a chicken milanesa with fries ($ 2,900) ideal for children – there are many families who frequent this place. But also a milanesa of gírgolas, olive tapenade, guasacaca sauce -a kind of Venezuelan guacamole-, pickles of radish and arugula ($ 2,600).

Menenga's famous burgers.

The hamburgers are a separate chapter and the proposal that more applause is taken according to the comments of the habitués. The Korea, double meat, tybo cheese, Korean gochujang and onion sauce ketchup, cucumber kimchi, lettuce and cabutia pumpkin bread ($2,900) is the house icon.

The most "argentos" palates lean towards the roast: medallion of 180 g of roast, gruyere cheese, pickled peppers and meat broth in cooking ($ 2,850). All burgers come out with fries.

Menenga. Espinosa 480. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 19 to 23.15. From Thursday to Sunday, open at noon as well. Instagram: @menengaresto

5- Café lo-fi, a neighborhood bar with a lot of vibes

Lo-fi coffee, quality coffee in the porteño style in Caballito.

Flat white, macchiato, latte: to order a cut in these coordinates you do not need to be illustrated in that jargon of the specialty cafeteria. Although they do work with high quality Honduran beans, here the nomenclature is very porteña: coffee in a well, double coffee, coffee with milk ...

It is that the main idea of this space that opened its doors more than a year ago was that the neighbors will find here a bar where to settle comfortably. And according to his alma mater, Pablo Osan - a gastronomic with extensive experience and former owner of places like Santé Bar -, the objective has been achieved.

"It is a place of closeness in every way. It is not to be shown, it is where someone leaves the keys of the house for the boyfriend to look for, someone uses us as a delivery point for a purchase and so on. In lo-fi people meet and greet each other, talks are set up between different tables. It was putting together that dynamic so habitués of the bars of Buenos Aires, "says its proud creator, Pablo Osan.

In café lo-fi music is a fundamental component.

It is a stop to liven up any time of the day: basically they have pastries, sandwiches and some salad. On average you can have breakfast for $ 1,600; Lunch for $ 2,500 and snack for $ 1,800. At noon the pickled chicken sandwich with lemonade is imposed and in the afternoon the most requested is the coffee with milk with croissant with brie cheese and tomato confit.

Bear in mind: In Lo-fi (which if pronounced like "lou-fai" is the flip side of high fidelity or hi-fi), music has a lot of prominence. Music lovers appreciate the track lists and albums this café shares on Spotify (@jazzenlofi) and on its Instagram profile.

Lo-fi coffee, Arengreen 690. Monday to Saturday from 9 to 19.30. Instagram:

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