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This product is one of those hidden gems, which once found and used to uprate your sleep or travel system, you will never leave out of your kit bag ever again. Like all great products it falls into the 'simple' and 'invaluable' category.

Over the last 10 years we have been selling it the UK manufacturer has improved it with each incarnation. The latest has resulted from feedback from our customers as to how this blanket is used and performs in the wild.

These improvements include:
Weight: 212gm
Size: 2m x1.6m
Material supplied full width cut using an ultrasonic knife giving a soft and anti-fray edge to allow users to cut, sew and hem as they wish. (Please note that there may be a few fine holes along the edge from the manufacturing process.)
The material is now calendared, which means it is Down Proof, should you wish to use insulation within it.
The material has a fluorocarbon coating.
Reflectivity: 75%
Water resistant: Improved DWR to reduce water marks on surface and prevent ingress. This has been a major improvement as many customers had used the previous versions in wet conditions, which in some cases damaged the surface. You are now able to put this blanket through a washing machine, cold wash only, no detergents.
Showerproof: See above, this is a vast improvement.


  • Colour Bottle Green
  • Downproof
  • Uses a rip stop nylon British made fabric
  • Larger than before at 1.6m x 2m
  • 75% reflective (up from 65% on the previous version)
  • Total blanket weight 212 grams
  • All edges are cut using an ultrasonic knife giving a soft and anti-fray edge
  • Can now be washed by hand (See box for details)
  • Water resistant/Showerproof (Not waterproof)
  • Breathable (Reduces moisture)

As I write this on a very cold winters day with the blanket over my knees (aww bless) the reflectivity and heat retention is instantly noticeable as before. The previous material did have more of a silk like feel to it, whereas this feels slightly stiffer more akin to a rip-stop nylon as mentioned above.

Although heavier than before, the idea of supplying a larger piece of fabric is to allow end users to cut, hem and sew the material into whatever suits their needs. Many people have made sleeping bag liners, or sleeping bag covers from the product and obviously this will reduce the weight and volume all in one go.

It certainly would benefit from some kind of attachment system to suit your needs, to keep it in place when sleeping on the ground or in a hammock. It is just as slippy as before!

The uses are still the same and as before here is some background and suggestions on how to best use the material.


This is an unusual product, but one which many outdoors people or travelers will have longed for at least once in their life.

How often have you been chilled at night in your sleeping bag, and just wanted another 'layer' or more 'insulation' to throw over you to retain that valuable warmth? Perhaps lying back in hammock and wondering if that sudden chill will last all night?

Maybe you have been on a long overnight bus journey, or stuck in an airport in the night, getting cold with all your sleeping gear out of reach in the luggage system?

Possibly you have been watching the sunset, sitting on a hill or beach, gradually becoming aware that the daytime clothes you are wearing are not going to keep you comfortable for much longer?

I can think of countless occasions like the above, when I have been 'chilled' or very cold, but aware that to increase my warmth at that moment would have meant carrying another 'insulation' layer or 'clothing' in my pack on the way to wherever I camped. Something I just (a) didn't have the space for and (b) didn't want to carry the extra 'just in case' weight.

Ideally the solution for any of the above would be;

(a) as light as possible (of course)
(b) with minimal bulk (easy to pack)
(c) highly heat reflective
(d) non-metallic
(e) silent (unlike a space blanket)
(f) highly breathable and finally
(g) water resistant (to prevent spills on the bag)

The solution has come from a small unknown UK manufacturer and this item has been around quietly for a while, however it was recently sent to me to test as the designer thought we would appreciate the features more than most. As it happens, quite rightly!

(Video) Sleeping Bag vs Quilt--Infrared Proof

So I tried it as exampled above and found it to be a remarkable product doing exactly what it says on the tin. I've slept out on these frosty nights in a light sleeping bag which would normally be 1 or 2 'seasons' too light and thrown the blanket over me 'silver side' out. I guess it works in simplest terms just like the NeoAir sleeping mat. By reflecting heat back towards the user. Although I am unable to measure the amount of reflected heat I can assure you that I was a darn site warmer than I would have been without it. The effect was very noticeable.

It has the soft tactile fee of rip stop nylon. It is silent and extremely breathable, so there were no damp condensation patches on the bag anywhere beneath it. There was naturally some frost condensation on the shelter skin which fell onto the blanket but didn't soak through at all. So it is water resistant to an acceptable level.

In use you will find the silver side changes tint as it rubs against other surfaces. This is perfectly normal and doesn't effect performance, meerly the 'sheen' in the manufacturing process.

How to use it

If the blanket is purely against your skin then the green side will be towards you. (If the silver side is touching your skin then there less reflectivity taking place because of 'conduction') If you are wearing clothes or inside a sleeping system then the silver side is towards you and this will reflect back any escaping heat.

The only negative issue I found with it, was because it was 'so' light I could hardly feel it was there. It was also very 'slippy' and so a bit of DIY would be needed to put some velcro tabs or similar on the edges to hold it in place, however you intend to use it. If for whatever reason you wanted the material more water resistant you could possibly spray on some Nikwax TX Direct, (but ONLY onto the Green side) but for normal use it isn't necessary.

It isn't classed as a 'survival blanket' (and shouldn't be used that way) but a very simple and effective way to 'up-rate' your sleep system for minimal bulk. Ideal for cold sleepers, the unexpected frost, to stuff in small spaces in a pack, hammock sleeping, traveling and well, virtually anytime you want a little comfort in your outdoor life!

Please note: If it becomes damp, ie left on wet grass, the silver surface may appear patterned. However we have confirmed with the manufacturer that it does not effect performance in any way, even though the silver side may look creased.

Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Manufacturers comments

The “Thermartex®” launch product is the “Bedding Blanket”. It can be used on it's own or on top of other bedding and is suitable for use in any dry environment both indoors and outdoors. Measuring approximately 1.6m x 2m and weighing only 212g the aluminized woven rip-stop nylon blanket is highly breathable and reflects up to 75% of radiated body heat. It is ideal where thermal performance, weight and packing size are important. It is primarily intended for use as a camping blanket, travel blanket, sleeping bag or normal bed cover, but has many other applications.

The blanket should be kept away from fire and other sources of ignition. It should also be kept away from salt and other chemicals as these will damage the heat reflective coating. It is not suitable for use as a Emergency/Survival blanket.

Note: This product can be washed by hand in cold water, using a non-biological handwash for delicates. After washing the silver surface may appear patterned this does not effect performance. Full details are on the packaging for maximum long life care.

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(Video) How To Sleep Warm In A Quilt And Love It!

Heat Reflective Bedding Material

28 January 2022 | David

Been using the (V3) blanket in recent weeks, with nights falling below freezing temperatures. As a layering system for a sleeping bag or quilt, i’m very pleased, no condensation and definitely a warmer sleep (cut drafts too). The material is very slippery, but when kept in place, a very good simple layering solution for my quilt.

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Light and Effective

09 January 2021 | Mark

I have only had a couple of opportunities to use this product but so far I am very impressed. For something so thin it can really help keep the cold at bay when used as a shawl.
I have used it around the outside of my 10 degree comfort rated sleeping bag in temperatures as low as 5 degrees. While I did not get cold, and I am generally a cold sleeper, I think it would have worked better wrapped around me, inside the sleeping bag.
I have not had a chance to test this yet due to Covid restrictions, but I am looking forward to doing so.

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Another use for this -- sunshade.

11 August 2018 | Chris

I've tended to have this as a back up for night, and only used it a couple of times. BUT last week, on a scorching campsite, it was marvellous. It sat on top of a rigged-up basha, attached by a couple of clothes pegs, and helped make an amazing cool shady space. The sun was so hot that there was a surprising amount coming through the basha (standard Highlander job) but nothing at all got through the bit covered by the blanket. Definitely bear this in mind next heatwave we get.

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Heat Reflective Bedding Blanket

(Video) PODCAST: Synthetic Insulation

28 July 2018 | Jamie

North Wales walking trip in the recent hot weather. MSR Elixir 2, Thermarest Evolite mat and a Snugpak 5 degree bag should of had it covered in the comfy sleeping department, but NO. Snowdonia had a 0 degree at night thing going on and I was cold. I had packed the reflective blanket and it was great. Sleeped well with it over and on the 3rd night inside my bag. Light weight, easy to pack and warm. Recommended.

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Thermartex Blanket

25 March 2018 | Giles

I've got these as a lightweight (which they most certainly are!) solution to making summer bags a bit warmer as necessary. I've yet to sew them into bag sleaves, but they already work very well as insulating blankets.

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Thermartex Blanket

27 December 2017 | Timothy

Used this over a down quilt in a hammock in just above freezing temperatures. The blanket worked well at trapping heat. It is also light and packs down very small. If used over a quilt or sleeping bag it needs to be used silver side out.

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Heat reflective blanket

14 May 2017 | Helen

Easy to pack easy to use does what it says a real boon on a cold night and works quickly

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(Video) Have You Seen a Lighter Weight Blanket Before? Get Out Gear Down Puffy Camping Blanket - Review

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Winter wild camp

14 February 2017 | Carl

Just used this in -5 on frozen grass on a mountain side in the Lake District, under a Neo Air Thermarest with a winter goose down sleeping bag inside a Rab Ridge Raider, I was toastie and snug all night long Heat Reflective Bedding Blanket - backpackinglight.co.uk (1)

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28 July 2016 | Philip

Good blanket, Handy for ad hoc dozing in the afternoon. keeps body heat in. fits neatly inside a borrowed stuffsac. Havent used it in earnest yet, however I feel it will work well

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Excellent service as usual

07 June 2016 | Jacqueline

I have always been extremely happy with the products and service offered by Backpackinglight. The heat reflective blanket was purchased to add warmth to the sleep system for our tent. Very lightweight and very effective.

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Which side of space blanket to use? ›

Simply turn the Emergency Blanket so the orange side faces you and the silver reflective side acts as a shield, turning all those sun rays away from you.

Do space blankets work? ›

The so-called "cheap survival blankets", are, in general, terrible as a survival blanket. Compared to asurvival sleeping bag, they leak warmth and let in wind, rain, snow, and other harsh weather. And even worse... cheap emergency blankets have poor durability.

Why are space blankets silver? ›

The reflective agent on space blankets -- usually silver or gold -- reflects about 80 percent of our body heat back to us. Next up, we'll talk about the many ways you can use a space blanket for survival.

Do you sleep under or on top of a heated blanket? ›

Heating blankets should always be placed over a blanket, never under another blanket or under yourself. Doing so can increase the risk of overheating.

Does a heated blanket go under or over the covers? ›

An electric blanket goes on top of you and the bedding unless you want to use it under the duvet, comforter, or top blanket.

What are the disadvantages to Mylar space blankets? ›

They don't get punctured as easily (which means they don't rip as easily). The thickness also makes them easier to work with. However, thickness has downsides: the blankets will be heavier and won't fold down as compact.

How much warmth does a space blanket add? ›

Commonly referred to as space blankets, the best emergency blankets help retain up to 90% of your body heat, even in extreme weather conditions.

Do Mylar blankets actually work? ›

Mylar blankets help hikers ward off hypothermia in two ways. First, they're waterproof and windproof, which keeps precip from drenching you or gusts from stripping warmth from your skin; they also keep your sweat from evaporating, another source of heat loss. Second, they're reflective, so they trap radiated body heat.

Do space blankets expire? ›

Our silver emergency space blankets are intended to be disposable, but many people use them repeatedly. How long they last depends on how you're using them. Under normal usage situations, for staying warm while camping or for use during disaster training exercises, the blankets will last for many outings.

How many times can you use a space blanket? ›

Durable enough to use more than once. Yes! We encourage you to be environmentally conscious and save/reuse your blanket. The material is definitely durable enough to use more than once.

Can you reuse Mylar blankets? ›

Made of a durable insulating Mylar-type material that retains 90% of body heat. The survival heat blanket is reusable, waterproof and windproof, and will not crack, mildew, or shrink with use.

What not to do with a heated blanket? ›

Never use electric blankets on sofa beds, pullout beds or mechanically adjustable beds as the heater or control wires could become pinched or frayed. When you're done using the blanket, turn it off and unplug it. Store it right. Store the electric blanket by rolling, not folding, it.

Can I sleep with a heated blanket every night? ›

While a modern, well-maintained electric blanket is unlikely to cause problems with proper use, it is not recommended to keep electric blankets on all night. Instead, it's helpful to use electric blankets to warm up your bed before you get in and turn them off before you fall asleep.

Do heated blankets get as hot as heating pads? ›

In addition to being made of warm, fleece-like fabric to provide instant warmth, these devices take very little time to get up to temperature. However, they often cannot get quite as warm as a heating pad due to the need to heat a much larger surface.

What are the disadvantages of electric blankets? ›

New electric blankets are a minimal safety risk, but old, damaged, or improperly used electric blankets can pose a risk for fire or burns. Electric blankets can be a factor in overheating for pregnant women, and many health organizations recommend discontinuing use during pregnancy.

Can I put a mattress protector over an electric blanket? ›

Yes. Simply layer your mattress protector over the electric blanket, protecting it from spills and stains, along with your mattress. Always check your electric blanket manufacturer instructions.

Do you put a sheet over an electric blanket? ›

We recommend that the electric blanket is placed underneath a fitted sheet (so the direct heat is not against your skin).

What should not be stored in Mylar bags? ›

Foods that Should NOT Be Packaged in Mylar Bag (with an Oxygen Absorber) Brown rice is high in oil content and has a short shelf life. Foods high in moisture or oil content such as raisins, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, cookies, and crackers are NOT good candidates for long-term storage in a Mylar bag.

Do Mylar blankets make noise? ›

Competing blankets are made of mylar and polyester, both of which can rip easily and crinkle with noise. This micro-thin reflective insulating layer is capable of returning up to 95% of your body's heat provided needed protection when confronted with the unexpected.

Is Mylar toxic when heated? ›

Potential Health Effects: High temperature operations using “Mylar®” Films can produce fumes or vapors of decomposition products of polyethylene terphthalate, isophthalate polymer.

What type of blanket is the warmest? ›

Thicker blankets, such as wool blankets, cotton fleece blankets, and cashmere blankets, are the warmest. The spaces between the fibers in a fuzzy or napped blanket trap warm air, keeping you warmer. This same principle explains why down is such an excellent insulator.

Are thicker blankets warmer? ›

Air trapped between two thin blankets does not allow heat to pass through it, as air is a bad conductor of heat. Hence, it is warmer to have two thin blankets than to have a single thick blanket.

What is a good thermal blanket? ›

1 Swiss Safe Mylar Foil Blankets – Best Overall. 2 Primacare Silver Foil Thermal Blanket – Amazon's Choice. 3 Arcturus All-Weather Reusable Emergency Blanket – Editor's Choice. 4 ZIP 100 Emergency Thermal Blanket – Honorable Mention. 5 QIO CHUANG Emergency Thermal Blanket – Also Consider.

Do Mylar blankets reflect heat? ›

Heat reflection: Because Mylar is impervious to infrared radiation, it has excellent heat-reflective properties, redirecting approximately 90 percent of radiant heat. This property can be used to reflect the sun's heat and keep patients cool. Mylar withstands temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F).

Are Mylar blankets flammable? ›

Most of the time fire is not a concern with Mylar, since it seldom has contact with flames, but it can burn and its fumes are toxic. While people can do little to reduce the flammability of Mylar, they can use caution with Mylar products, increasing the safety of these products.

Is Mylar a good heat insulator? ›

Certain types of plastics, like Mylar® & Melinex® polyester films, are excellent insulators, which means they can effectively trap heat. Plastics offer a variety of properties that allow them to be used across many different industries, as well as the insulation of electrical wires.

How often should you replace a heated blanket? ›

​Electric Blankets should be replaced every 10 years and tested every 2 years by a qualified electrician. ​Always check your blanket for scorch marks, water damage, mould or exposed wires. If you see any of these on your blanket do not use it, replace it.

What is the difference between gold and silver emergency blankets? ›

To protect against overheating, the emergency blanket can be stretched out as a sunshade but the person should not be wrapped up. Silver to the sun gives 99 %, gold to the sun gives 97 % IR protection.

Will a space blanket block heat? ›

Thermal Radiation

Space blankets, (a.k.a survival blankets) such as the one seen in the previous image, are very thin and have a thermal conductivity roughly 5x greater than air, therefore they are a poor a preventing heat loss by conduction .

Which side of emergency blanket is better gold or silver? ›

One side silver color to protect from the heat: reflects calorific rays and isolates from heat (efficient air conditioning for a tent, a caravan or a car). One side gold to protect from the cold, humidity and rain (can keep body temperature stable in case of accidents).

Which way does a weighted blanket go? ›

If you choose to use both, the weighted blanket can be placed either on top or below your bedding. It's all about your preference! Cover your entire body: For full relaxation, cover your entire body from your shoulders down to your feet.

Which way should electric blankets fit? ›

The electric blanket should be "sandwiched" between the mattress topper and the bottom sheet that you sleep on. If you have selected a mattress topper for its body moulding properties, you will notice a difference in the feel when you put an electric blanket on top of it.


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