Travel Tips & FAQs | Adventures by Disney (2023)

Call Center FAQsExpanded

  • What if I need to cancel my reservation?

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    Please note: In accordance with our response to the COVID-19 virus, Adventures by Disney has updated our cancellation policy.

    Cancellations can be made by telephone or in writing. The time of cancellation will be the date upon which Adventures by Disney Travel Services receives notice from you.

    The cancellation policy varies based on trip type and travel date. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full details of our cancellation policy. Regardless of when you book, your deposit is refundable until the earlier of 1) 14 days; 2) 72 hours if you book in a final payment timeframe; or 3) return of your travel agreement.

    Cancellation policy for group travel may vary. Please contact your Travel Agent for complete details. The cancellation terms above apply only to the vacation package price and pre-/post-stay hotel night add-ons, and exclude, among other things, cancellation charges from air carriers.

    While not required, we strongly recommend that all our Guests purchase travel protection. Please ask a Vacationista about the Adventures by Disney Vacation Protection Plan.

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  • What if my adventure is cancelled prior to departure?

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    Please note: In accordance with our response to the COVID-19 virus, Adventures by Disney has updated our cancellation policy.

    If we cancel your adventure prior to its start because there are too few Guests: (i) we will attempt to re-book you on another departure of the same itinerary, subject to availability, and we will bear any reasonable airline rebooking charges; however, if we are unable to rebook you, we will issue a full refund of your adventure price and plan (unless you have filed a claim); and (ii) if you booked airfare through us, we will issue a full refund of your airfare; and (iii) if you did not book airfare through us, we will reimburse you for your reasonable out-of-pocket (subject to supporting documentation) airline cancellation charges or, in the case of bookings using frequent flier miles, a reasonable cancellation service fee, provided you have exercised best efforts to mitigate such charges/fees; and (iv) the aforesaid payments and/or rebooking by us shall constitute a full settlement. The immediately preceding sentence does not apply to any cancellation (or deemed cancellation under the agreement between the group travel organizer and us) of a group travel reservation by the organizer of the group travel experience, for whatever reason, and in the event of such cancellation you will not be entitled to any refund or reimbursement from us of any amounts.

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  • What documentation will I receive prior to the start of my vacation?

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    Prior to your departure, you will receive:

    • A reservation confirmation which will be emailed shortly after you book your Adventures by Disney vacation.
    • An acknowledgement upon receipt of your final payment.
    • Final travel planning documents, including the Adventure Handbook, which will be emailed approximately 21 days before your trip start date. These documents will include the detailed itinerary of your vacation, as well as information to help you prepare for your vacation. Please be sure to check your junk and spam folders for these documents if you do not see them in your inbox.
    • Information on where to submit your COVID-19 vaccination record, which will be emailed between 5 to 10 days prior to your trip start date.

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  • When will I receive my pre-departure travel document package?

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    Your pre-departure travel document package will be mailed approximately 21 days before the start date of your trip for all adventures except River Cruises, which will be mailed approximately 60 days prior to trip start date, and Private Jet Adventures which will be mailed approximately 30 days prior to trip start date.

    Due to its contents, the pre-departure travel document package will be mailed to the physical address on the reservation. Please note that the pre-departure travel document package cannot be mailed to P.O. Boxes.

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  • Do I need vaccinations to travel?

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    We require all Guests to provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before joining any Adventures by Disney trip. Please refer to our Guests Health and Safety Protocols to learn more about the accepted vaccine types.

    Typically, U.S. citizens traveling from the United States do not require other vaccinations (non-COVID-19) to travel to any of Adventures by Disney destinations. For U.S. citizens arriving from an area that might be infected with Yellow Fever, an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever is required within 5 days—otherwise no other vaccinations are required for U.S. citizens. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check your local requirements for vaccinations for travel.

    If you extend your vacation on any of our Adventures, you are advised to consult with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or your physician for vaccinations or other medical precautions.

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  • What is the recommended minimum age for an Adventures by Disney vacation?

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    The minimum age is 5 years old* on most of our Land Adventures and River Cruises. Please check your trip itinerary for minimum age on Expedition Cruises. There is no set minimum age for most Private Adventures. However, each Adventures by Disney vacation is unique depending on the destination and activities. Please check the specific trip itinerary or speak with a Vacationista regarding any questions you may have about age appropriateness for your departure.

    *Please note that at this time all Guests are required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before traveling on any Adventures by Disney trip. Please refer to our Guest Health and Safety Protocols for more information.

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General FAQsExpanded

  • What steps is Adventures by Disney taking regarding health and safety?

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    We've been working to develop health and safety measures after considering guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as local and international health authorities. Learn more.

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  • How do I make my reservation?

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    Call the Adventures by Disney Travel Services Vacationistas at (877) 728-7282^or contact your Travel Agent. Canadian Guests please contact your local Travel Agent.

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  • What is included in the cost of a land package?

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    Adventures by Disney land packages include:

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    • The services of 2 Adventure Guides
    • Accommodations
    • Local experts
    • Scheduled meals, activities, and entertainment*
    • National & Regional Park entrance fees (where applicable)
    • Luggage service
    • Transportation within your adventure*
    • Transfers from the specified arrival and departure airport/train station for each departure*
    • Gratuities for porters, housekeepers, drivers, activity providers, local experts, and dining room staff for meals included in the adventure
    • Taxes, including airport departure taxes (where applicable)

    *As specified in each adventure's Daily Itinerary and destination-specific FAQs End of content

  • What is not included in the cost of a land package?

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    • Transportation between residence and airport from which you are departing
    • Round-trip air or any other transportation between home airport and vacation destination
    • Arrival/Departure transfers to/from airports and hotels, train stations, or other locations not specifically described for each departure*
    • Meals, activities and transportation not specifically set forth in the applicable itinerary
    • Gratuities for Adventure Guides
    • Customs and immigration fees
    • Passport and visa fees
    • Travel protection insurance
    • Baggage fees, excess baggage fees, and other airport/airline fees
    • Laundry, telephone, alcohol (unless noted as included), and all other items of a personal nature
    • Additional taxes may apply which are not included in the vacation package

    *As specified in each adventure's itinerary and destination-specific FAQs End of content

  • Can Adventures by Disney help reserve an extra night before or after the adventure dates?

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    Yes. For most itineraries Adventures by Disney Travel Services can reserve an extra night in the same room, pending availability, at the hotel included in your itinerary either the night before your adventure begins or after your adventure ends. Transfers from/to the specified airports for the adventure will be provided; however, transfers are provided only for extended stays purchased through Adventures by Disney Travel Services.

    Please refer to the destination-specific Trip Tips and FAQs for each itinerary or contact a Vacationista for more information and exact availability on your adventure’s departure date. Our special rates for these additional nights are subject to availability and are only available if booked through Adventures by Disney Travel Services in conjunction with a land package and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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  • Is travel insurance available?

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    Yes, you can protect your vacation investment by adding the Adventures by Disney Vacation Protection Plan to your reservation.

    Get details about the Adventures by Disney Vacation Protection Plan.

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  • Can I book my flights through Adventures by Disney?

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    Air transportation can be purchased from Adventures by Disney to and from your home airport in accordance with the scheduled vacation dates and to coordinate with your adventure itinerary. Please note that our Vacationistas can only make domestic US flight reservations. Contact a Vacationista for details. Canadian consumers should book through their local Travel Agent.

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  • Are there luggage restrictions?

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    As a general rule, each ticketed Guest is allowed 1 checked bag, 1 personal carry-on item and 1 small carry-on bag. With frequent security changes, we recommend that you check with your air carrier as well as Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) website for current restrictions.

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  • What can I expect the hotel rooms on my adventure to be like?

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    Hotel rooms vary from country to country as well as from hotel to hotel within an adventure. Most hotel rooms outside of the United States tend to be smaller than the U.S. standard. In many locations, amenities such as irons and ironing boards, coffee makers, and alarm clocks are either not allowed due to local laws or are simply not standard. Air conditioning systems in international hotel rooms are generally not as robust as those in the U.S. While we seek to choose hotels that will feel the most familiar to you, this is not always possible. We regret that it is not possible to upgrade accommodations included in the land package. Please call a Vacationista for detailed information or see “Note on accommodations” in the Rates & Dates section for each itinerary.

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  • What documentation is required for domestic and international travel?

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    For International Travel:
    Depending on your country of origin and your vacation destination, passports and/or visas may be required with at least 6 months validity after the end of your trip. You can apply for a passport and visa through CIBT, Inc., a third-party travel document company servicing the travel industry (not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company). Visit CIBT, Inc. for more information or call (800) 406-1523. Be sure to mention Adventures by Disney, account #55134, for special pricing options.

    For Domestic Travel:
    Beginning May 3, 2023, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will require every resident, who is 18 years of age and older, of a U.S. state or territory to present a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or another acceptable form of identification (such as a passport or enhanced driver’s license) to go through airport security and board a flight within the U.S. If you or a member of your family will be flying to one of our Adventures by Disney destinations within the U.S. on or after May 3, 2023, please ensure you have an acceptable document for your air travel. REAL IDs are marked by a star on the top of the card. Visit for more information.

    It is your sole responsibility to be sure you have the correct documentation for all travel. Allow sufficient time to have your application processed if you are applying for a new passport or renewing an expired passport. U.S. citizens refer to or the applicable foreign consulate for further details.

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  • Do I need special documentation to travel with children?

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    Some countries on Adventures by Disney vacations have specific entry requirements for children under 17 who are traveling internationally without both parents. Usually, a notarized letter, signed by the parent or parents not traveling with the child and stating the child's name, adult guardian's name, itinerary, dates of travel, and flight information, is required. To ensure smooth travel, Adventures by Disney requires all travelers to comply with the regulations for the country you are visiting. This information is available from each country's consulate. Adventures by Disney is not responsible for the disruption of travel caused by improper documentation for any travelers, including children traveling without both parents. For specific documentation requirements, U.S. residents, consult or the applicable foreign consulate. Non-U.S. citizens, please check with your consulate. Please also see the destination-specific FAQs or contact a Vacationista for more information.

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  • Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

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    Adventures by Disney will make a reasonable effort to accommodate some special dietary needs at no additional charge. Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate all special dietary needs requested. Please contact a Vacationista in advance of your departure to advise us of your needs.

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  • I have questions or comments about accessibility on for Guests with visual impairments. Who should I contact?

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    Adventures by Disney has affirmed the importance of making Disney websites, including, accessible to all Guests, including those with visual impairments. If you have any questions or comments regarding website accessibility, please e-mail us.

    (Video) 5 Reasons to Go on Adventures by Disney | Disney Vacation Guide!

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  • How do I download the Adventure Handbook to my mobile device?

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    To download the Adventure Handbook to your mobile device, follow the instructions below, depending on your device:

    For Guests using iOS (Apple products):

    Please note: The Adventure Handbook must be opened with the Safari browser when using iOS devices.

    First, follow the link provided in the Adventures by Disney Adventure Handbook email, then follow the steps listed below.

    Step 1: Select the “Action” icon
    Step 2: Select “Add to Home Screen” – you may have to swipe the icon row to find this
    Step 3: Select “Add” – This will add the app icon to the home screen of your device
    Step 4: Locate the Adventure Handbook icon on your screen and open the app

    For Guests using the Android OS (Google products):

    Please note: The Adventure Handbook must be opened with the Chrome browser on Android devices. The app will not work in “Incognito” mode.

    Simply follow the link provided in the Adventures by Disney email and the app will be added to the home screen of your mobile device.

    If the app icon is not automatically loaded to your home screen, please select the “…” from the menu.

    For Guests using a desktop computer:

    Please make sure your software and browsers are up to date with the latest versions.

    Get the Adventure Handbook app download instructions here.

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  • Are Adventure Guide gratuities included in the price of my Adventures by Disney itinerary?

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    No, gratuities for your Adventure Guides are not included in the price of your Adventures by Disney itinerary. Gratuities should be based on the quality of service you have received. We recommend the following gratuity guidelines:

    Please note: This is for each member of your traveling party, for each Adventure Guide and for each day.

    Per Adult/Child, Per Adventure Guide, Per Day - $9 - $11 USD

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    • For a 10-day adventure, the Adventure Guide gratuity Per Guest/Per Adventure Guide is: $90 - $110 USD.
    • A family of 4 for a 10-day adventure: $360 - $440 USD per Adventure Guide.

    For 2 Adventure Guides, this is a total of $720 - $880 USD.

    For destinations outside of the U.S., gratuities for your Adventure Guides may be paid in U.S. dollars, local currency or via PayPal. For destinations inside the U.S. (domestic), gratuities for your Adventure Guides may be paid in U.S. dollars or via PayPal/Venmo. Please check with your Adventure Guides for their preferred method of payment. End of content


How do I book Disney adventures as a travel agent? ›

Call the Adventures by Disney Travel Services Vacationistas at (877) 728-7282^ or contact your Travel Agent. Canadian Guests please contact your local Travel Agent. What is included in the cost of a land package?

How many people are on an Adventures by Disney trip? ›

For Adventurers looking for a more intimate vacation experience, Adventures by Disney Private Adventures offer more personalized itineraries for you and your travel group of up to 12 family members and friends of your choosing. Learn more about our Private Adventures.

What is a Disney escape? ›

An Adventures by Disney Escape is your VIP pass to amazing sites and experiences in destinations all over the world.

What does Adventures by Disney include? ›

What is included in an Adventures by Disney trip? An Adventure by Disney vacation is mostly all-inclusive, which means that during your trip, the accommodations, transportation during the adventure, tours, local experts, scheduled meals, activities, and entertainment are all included.

Do you pay more for a Disney travel agent? ›

Normally the client pays nothing extra for the service provided by a travel agency. Travel agents make their living from a small commission paid by the travel supplier (in this case, Disney) for the resort hotel rooms, theme park passes and vacation packages they book.

Is it worth using a Disney travel agent? ›

Save Money – Yes, Seriously

The price you pay for a Disney vacation package, regardless of where it is booked, is the same across the board. However, booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent can at times save you money. Here's how. Disney often releases highly sought after travel discounts throughout the year.

Can travel agents book Disney Vacation Club? ›

Although you can book stays at DVC properties through Walt Disney World Reservations and travel agents (at rack rates), in order to rent points you must either rent directly from a DVC owner or go through a points broker.

How much do Disney travel agents make per booking? ›

Disney pays a 10% commission to travel agents. If you're working independently, you'll receive the full 10% — so if your client booked a $5,000 vacation, you'd receive $500 in commission. Do this often enough, and you can see how this side hustle can turn into a full-time job.

How do authorized Disney vacation planners get paid? ›

Authorized Disney Vacation Planners are paid commission by Disney on the trips they book, so you're usually not paying anything extra.

Can you book a Disney cruise through a travel agent? ›

It's easy to find and book a Disney cruise on our cruise listing page. You can also make reservations through your travel agent or by calling Disney Cruise Line at (800) 951-3532.


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